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GameSagas, LLC
P.O. Box 535
Hartford, CT 06141.

Telephone:  +1 860.881.2056
E-mail: sa.les[at]game<sagas>.net

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To contact GameSagas, please use the following input form below, or contact one of our support teams directly via email. Contacting us online is our recommended form of support, however if you need to contact us over the phone or through postal mail, our information is to the left.

If and when you are reporting a problem, please include a complete description of your issue, including any errors you have received and changes you have made to your system before the error occured. Exact error messages and descriptions of your actions may be helpful.

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E-mail: sup.port[at]game<sagas>.net

E-mail: ab.use[at]game<sagas>.net

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